Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saying Goodbye, Looking Ahead to Summer

Yesterday was sentimentally tough. My oldest finished her last day of her last year at elementary school. My little girl completed Kindergarten at the Montessori where she has been going since she was three. The little school (K-1) where my big one started school and the little one was to go to first grade is closing. We went to the farewell celebration after school and I took pictures of my two on the little bench where I sat pregnant and with baby little girl waiting to pick-up my big girl from Kindergarten and 1st grade. Until last month, we thought our little girl was going there too. To top it all off, our next door neighbor who owns the Montessori and taught my little girl the past years is moving up north. She's going to stay in town during the week to teach, but we won't be neighbors any longer. Time goes on I guess.

I have to work at the library today so I told my big girl to make a list of ideas, dreams, and hopes for the summer. I am determined that we will have a meaningful summer. One thing we have to solve as a family is mealtime, bedtime, and my big girl's room cleaning habits. This morning I found my dear one sleeping in her bed with books and papers and ....get... this figure skates strewn all about her!!!! I was a messy kid, but this is crazy! At least I've got nearly two weeks off to get started on what I hope is a great (and not so cluttered) summer!


Anonymous Soapbox Jill said...

Hi, Susan, The "messy room" thing gets more interesting as they grow. Especially if they like nature (seeds, "pets") or later when they are teens, have days when nothing they try on in the morning looks right, and there's just not time to hang it all back up before leaving for school...Ah, those days of carrying them in baby backpacks on walks. Now, I look up to one, and the other is at least my weight.
Enjoy those precious years, even the messes you must teach them to clean up. It goes fast.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Norma said...

If you were a messy kid, it apparently didn't hurt you. Close the door.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

"Soapbox Jill"
I know my life is in fast forward with these babies of mine! We were just cleaning up my almost 6 year old's nature collection...(And this is my more tidy one!)

closing the door only works as long as it closes. Too many lost homework papers and overdue library books! (And stains on the new carpet I somehow managed to clean up.)

This week while my dear one was away, I picked up every thing on the floor and boxed it all up. I did toss all that was unsanitary and returned things that belonged to someone else. This way I could get those library books returned, stains removed and floor vacuumed on my terms (I was off from work.)

My Dear Daughter returns tomorrow and will be sorting at least a box a day and maintaining this room. Charts...threats, whatever it takes...She doesn't seem to miss things I pack up, but she needs to learn from this. Mom will not continue to bail her out of her room mess whenever she visits dad. (Dad assured me that her room is neat as a pin when she's over there...heeh heeh!)

12:19 PM  

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