Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot-Wiring My (Blogging) Engine

I compose brilliant posts for my blog in my head all of the time. The trouble is, I just can't find the time to get them down on this vitural paper.

I'm hoping to get my engine going again in the near future. I was inspired today by the fact someone had left a comment on my blog about a story I wrote quite a while back. It seems my post on my hometown of Dearborn, Michigan post has endured...

Ironically, my hometown had been in and out of recent conversations. I think I'll write something on this somewhat light topic as it may segue into a heavier one I've been seriously contemplating...


Blogger Soapbox Jill said...

Susan, I found you on SHUSH, which I only just discovered. I'm also a midwestern (Wisconsin) conservative librarian looking to network. My latest blog is "No Escape in Narnia." Let me know what you think if you get there.

11:35 AM  

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