Saturday, November 10, 2007

Clarification: Buckeyes and the State of "Michigan"

October 20, 2007 was a beautiful Ohio afternoon. I was attending the wedding of my cousin's daughter with my family. We'd driven 4 1/2 hours from our home in Michigan to spend an afteroon with most of my extended family.

After the wedding, several of us were talking outside of the church. On Saturdays in October, the talk inevitably turns toward football, even amongst an intergenerational group of women. Someone asked who the Bucks were playing that afternoon, to which another replied, "Michigan". As a proud Michigan State University grad, I had to clarify that today the Buckeyes were playing Michigan State, not the University of Michigan. I then shared that I almost packed my OSU sweatshirt, until I realized that this was the only day in football season I could NOT be a Buckeye fan. Later, while signing the guest book, a woman commented that, "we won, we're still okay (undefeated)". As I had already predicted my team's loss that afternoon, I knew she was referring to OSU without any futher query.

Upon my return home, I had an email conversation with a cousin whom I had "seen" but not spoken to at the wedding. (A very big family and lots of little kids makes this a challenge!)

The subject of note was the game of the previous Saturday. No matter how many times I tried to tell her that OSU beat Michigan State that Saturday, she continued to refer to the "win over Michigan" and the OSU/University of Michigan rivalry. My hope is that she is pleasantly surprised when OSU DEFEATS "MICHIGAN" (again?) on Saturday.

I just wonder how many people "Michigan" and "Michigan State" are the same? Maybe it is just our "neighbors" in Ohio? I didn't realize this until I was in the 5th grade. A kid I liked had a "Michigan (State)" jacket that was green and white and my brother's "Michigan" shirt was maize and blue. I asked my dad if "they" had two sets of colors. He cleared up my misunderstanding. Ironically, Dad is a UM MBA'd-MSU Dad-Buckeye Fan, so he should be able to explain this to anyone!

At least my Ohio relatives are starting to understand why I'm Buckeye fan each year in late November.

I've blogged about my Buckeye connections here


Blogger Norma said...

I've lived in Ohio 40 years, and sometimes I make the mistake. A true Buckeye would never do that. And OSU did beat Michigan yesterday. Last week we were just about the only folks in town cheering the Illini, and they won! (Our school). Glad to see you're blogging again. Long vacation?

6:18 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Yeah! The Bucks beat the Wolverines. I was probably one of the few Michigan natives here cheering the Bucks.

The annoying and typical thing about the state of Michigan and our two Big 10 teams is the news tends to forget about Michigan State. (A bit like Ohioans not realizing there are two teams OSU plays in MIchigan.)

Sunday morning, I wanted to find out how Michigan State did on Saturday. The sob-story about Michigan losing to OSU was the lead story on the local news program. I stayed tuned to hear thinking they would mention the Michigan State game. No such luck! Just the University of Michigan loss to OSU.

Although I had the t.v. or radio on a lot, I finally learned, through an MSU e-mail, that Michigan State BEAT the Nittany Lions in their last game of the regular season.

It is fun when your alma mater beats the local team. (Even when you have strong ties to that school as well.) As a state of Michigan native, I can say, "congratualations to the Illini for doing what UM couldn't"!!!! As the old bumper sticker/t-shirt says, "I love MSU and all teams that beat U of M."...

I don't thik I'll be blogging a lot. I miss it, but I'm overwhelmed with kids and music and work. I've also begun a writing project with a local journalist here in Michigan. Don't know what will come of it, but my literary energy is spent on that. (If I had any in the first place.)

10:36 AM  

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